About Dale Meredith

As a cyber security expert and tech enthusiast, Dale aims to provide his online audience like you with the information you need to take full advantage of technology to simplify the chaos that often overruns our days.

Dale’s team of tech experts has one goal in mind, and that is to dumb down tech concepts to help their online audience better use and understand the technology in their lives.

In addition, Dale launched Dale Dumbs IT Down as a resource for individuals and families to help keep their home network, personal data, and young kids safe online. In a world where nearly every device is connected to the internet in some way, it’s more important than ever for each of us to secure our home network. His latest articles and YouTube videos reveal Dale’s passion for helping others stay safer and smarter.

But why get certified, you may ask? Well, the journey of learning hacking through CEH is not just about gaining skills, it’s also about credibility. This certification ensures that ethical hacking is performed by a qualified person adhering to a code of ethics. So, not only does it polish your professional image, but it also boosts your career prospects significantly.

Who is Dale Meredith

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