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Parenting Your Gamer: Six Basic Principles

Parenting Your Gamer: Six Basic Principles on Managing Your Kid's Gaming Behavior Trying to parent your child’s gaming behavior can be really difficult. Trying to parent your child’s gaming behavior can be really difficult. We wanted to share six of our favorite...

Screen Time Setup For Families For Your iPhone or iPad

Show me a child with a phone/tablet and no limitation, and I’ll show you a child that struggles with some type of addictive behavior. But, come on, even us adults will struggle if we don’t understand our limitations. That being said, let’s talk about Apple’s Screen...

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College Scholarship Scams

Right now, many students in between their junior and senior years of high school are getting a head start on applying for college scholarships. The internet makes this process much more convenient for today’s students, and it provides them the ability to access...

college scholarship scams

Oh, Snap! It’s Time to Talk Snapchat!

Kids, teens, and young adults these days are all about capturing and sharing life's moments with one another. Whether it's what they ate for lunch, some funny thing their dog did, or their latest heartbreak, Snapchat offers an outlet to showcase their experiences,...


Twitching about Twitch

Livestreaming is taking over the world of online entertainment, especially for gamers, and the platform called Twitch is dominating the field. I’ve been twitching about Twitch as I just didn’t feel comfortable talking about it as I didn’t yet know the ins and outs...


Let’s Talk Tik Tok

As parents and grandparents, we all worry about the content kids view online, especially on their mobile phones, where we can't always look over their shoulder.  Tik Tok is one of the most popular viral video platforms and one I am most concerned about. ...

tik tok

Still Learning from the Pros

No matter how much IT and Security knowledge that swirls around in my brain, I still need members of my design and development team to keep me on track. Electric Edge Media dumbed down the importance of social media for me, helped me identify my audience, and...

Virtual Credit Cards. Are they really safer?

Is this for real? Yep, unique virtual card numbers for each online merchant does minimize your online shopping risk. But, let me be clear they aren't without risk, they just reduce risk. So how does this work? Well, virtual numbers that connect back to your...

family safety security credit cards online shopping

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