Raving Reviews

“He has the unique gift of teaching while making it fun. I call it edutainment, and every time I watch one of his courses or read an article he has published, I learn something. It could be a piece of technical detail I was not aware of( or had forgotten about) or something about the way he delivers material. Keeping a listener engaged while delivering training is no easy task and in this Dale excels.”

– Christopher Rees

I just passed Security Operations for CySA – A big thank you to Dale Meredith.  A Great online tutor with a great teaching technique.

– Darren Eley

“I love this guy!! He made me want to listen and learn. I did not get bored at all and even found myself giggling.  His information was easy to understand.”

I Successfully completed the CompTIA PenTest+ Certification. Thanks to a few trainers, one in particular Dale Meredith, for the interesting information and examples he presents in his PenTest+ courses on Pluralsight’s learning platform.

– Valerio Alberti

“All I can say is WOW, Dale left me with my mouth hanging open, wanting to learn more.”

Announcing I just passed  CompTIA Security+ Certification. Thanks  Dale Meredith for the great courses on Pluralsight and The plethora of Batman references. On to the next challenge!

-Josh McLaughlin

“Dale Meredith is a superb teacher and makes each of his courses interesting and informative! I appreciate how he

shares real use cases. One of the best and most interesting courses I have watched.”

“I am delighted to announce that I have passed the CompTIA Pentest+PT1-002 beta exam.  I only had a week to prepare.
I mainly stuck to Pluralsight’s Pentest+ course by Dale Meredith who Is by far the best teacher I have come across.  I highly

Recommend his courses for anyone planning to take this exam.”

Great session! As a supply chain professional his teachings helped me better understand the concerns of our IT department.
He made the material much less painful than it would have been otherwise! Thank you for that!

“Dale is awesome. He was so clear about the concepts. I loved the way he explained everything. Even a beginner could understand it so easily. No words are enough to thank him. Great work!  May God bless him for sharing his knowledge!”

Great presentation, appreciated the humor and real life examples. Thank you, Sir!”

Dale Meredith is one of the greatest instructors I’ve seen. His courses are one of the best in Pluralsight when

It comes to quality and accessibility of the information provided. Good job!”

Dale’s presenting style is very friendly. He makes his content fun which kept me engaged
in his topic.

“Dale’s a awesome trainer. 5 stars all around.  Can’t wait to learn from him again. His technical accuracy of the content was spot on.”

Dale, hit a homerun!”

This course is THE best course on the entire internet. I am following Dale’s CEH prep path and it has about 20 courses,

And the instructor teaches amazingly.”

“Great course. One of the best I have taken. The instruct has a great presentation style and
makes all the concepts easy to understand.

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