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Pluralsight Spotlight: Dale Meredith

In this episode of Pluralsight Spotlight, we chat with Dale Meredith, an accomplished cybersecurity speaker, blogger, and trainer with a passion for education. Learn about the importance of humor for learning, GenAI’s fascinating implications, the rewards of ethical hacking, and why Batman is so inspirational.


Understand Ethical Hacking

Ever wonder what it takes to become an ethical hacker? In this episode, Dale Meredith author of the Pluralsight course Ethical Hacking: Understanding Ethical Hacking shares some key takes aways from his course. Discover why Ethical Hacking is becoming a popular skill for security, what you need to know how to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, and much much more.


Dev Educate

Engaging Developers with Edutrainment

This week Dale Meredith, cybersecurity expert and recovering Batman addict, joins me on the show to talk about how to engage developers with “edutrainment”, how to work in branding with developer content and education, and how he came to own Wayne Enterprises.


Keep your PC, Mobile Device and Home Safe from Hackers

In this episode, Ron Ruth talks with Dale Meredith about ways to keep yourself safe in this digital world! He shares three tips on stopping hackers and malware from ruining your PC or mobile device!


ChatGPT Decides

Batman v Ironman: ChatGPT Decides

Who would win Batman vs Ironman


Ethical Hacking: With Barry Luijbrets

This week, I talk with Dale Meredith about Ethical Hacking. We talk about what ethical hacking is, white, black and grey hats, hacking tools and techniques and how to protect yourself from being hacked.

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