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Parenting Your Gamer: Six Basic Principles

Parenting Your Gamer: Six Basic Principles on Managing Your Kid's Gaming Behavior Trying to parent your child’s gaming behavior can be really difficult. Trying to parent your child’s gaming behavior can be really difficult. We wanted to share six of our favorite...

Screen Time Setup For Families For Your iPhone or iPad

Show me a child with a phone/tablet and no limitation, and I’ll show you a child that struggles with some type of addictive behavior. But, come on, even us adults will struggle if we don’t understand our limitations. That being said, let’s talk about Apple’s Screen...

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Smart Home

Simple and Smart Appliances For The Kitchen

Your kitchen isn’t complete until you have at least one of these smart kitchen appliances for your home! Learn what we’ve discovered when it comes to smart tech for the kitchen! Smart appliances are growing in popularity, which is a good thing if you haven’t made...

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Alexa, Call Nana!⁠

'Nana, my mom grounded me to my room.'  This phone call from our grandson using his Alexa, who lives states away from us, was the highlight of my wife's week. ⁠ My 6-year-old grandson didn't obey his mom and got sent to his room.⁠ With #Alexa in the room...

Alexa Call Nana

The ultimate Lockdown for your Google Home.

If you've been following my posts, I've shared quite a few ways to keep your personal information and conversations safe from Google, Siri, and Alexa. Now for those who want to truly Lockdown their Google Home, here are the next steps. Now please be careful if you...

google home lockdown

What does your Google Assistant Know about you?

Check it out! Take a look at all the info your Google Assistant knows about you. Open your GOOGLE HOME app. Tap the settings gear in the lower right corner. Under the GOOGLE ASSISTANT heading, tap MORE SETTINGS. Select YOU from the menu bar at the top. Tap YOUR...

google assistant

“Alexa, Delete everything I said today!”

"Sticks and stones will break your bones, and words will come back to haunt you!" All of us have had 'those' days that we wish we could rewind time and take back things we said or did. What happens when your Alexa is always listening? How can we delete Alexa's...

amazon alexa delete

Digital Assistant: Being Over Paranoid? There is a lot of concerns about your digital assistant at home listening to you, either Alexa or Google. I had a friend of mine sell me his Google digital assistant for cheap that he won at work because he was worried that the...

digital assistant

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