The Perfect Smart Lights Setup

The Perfect Smart Lights Setup: Philips Hue Lights

Smart lighting is one of the most important aspects of smart home and a definite favorite among smart home lovers. In fact, market forecasts show that global revenue for smart lighting is expected to surpass $22 billion by 2025 and nearly double by 2030. 

Smart lighting solutions allow homeowners to control their lights using an app remotely. In addition to just turning them on and off, you can also set timers and schedules for your lights. We’ve talked quite a bit about smart home automation and having smart lighting as one of the most vital components of basic automation. Among many others, Philip Hue offers some of the best smart lighting solutions currently available on the market, and you don’t have to break the bank to buy them. 

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What Is Philip Hue?

Philip Hue is a smart lighting provider with a wide range of options for smart home lovers and newbies. They work similarly to any other smart light setup and can connect using WiFi or other Zigbee signals. They allow you to use an app or a physical remote to control these lights’ brightness, color, and timings.

You can even integrate these lights with other smart techs in your house. Along with being controlled by an app, these lights can be with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, allowing you to control them with nothing other than your voice. 

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Philips Hue Starter Kit

The Philip Hue Starter Kit is all you need to set up the smart lighting system for your house. It comes with a hue bridge, smart LED bulbs, and other smart accessories that are quite easy to install. You’ll need to consider factors such as which room you will get the kit for and how many lights you need to figure out to choose the best starter kit for you.

Currently, Philip Hue has 3 Starter kits that provide either a white ambiance or a white and color ambiance. The number of smart LED bulbs you get with each light varies, and prices start from just $69.99.

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Philip Hue Smart Lights

Philip Hue has a wide range of smart lights you can choose from depending on your needs and requirements. Your choice will depend on where you want to install the lights in your house. Let’s take a quick look at some of the Philip Hue lighting options:

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Smart Light Bulbs

These smart light bulbs come in different shapes and bases and can fit into almost any light socket. This makes adding smart lights to your house quite a simple and easy thing to do. 

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Smart LED Lightstrips

Philip Hue offers different colored and gradient smart LED strips for you to choose from. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors and create a smooth ambiance where required. 

>>Get Your Philips Hue Smart LED Lightstrips Here <<

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Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

These smart lamps are a great option for your house and can function as a reading light or just as decor. Although smart floor lamps provide gradient lighting, smart table lamps offer color and gradient lights.

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Smart Ceiling Lights

These ceiling lights offer warm to cool and colored lights and come in different sizes and styles. All the lights are Bluetooth enabled, and options are available for almost every room in the house. 

>>Get Your Philips Hue Smart Ceiling Lights Here <<

Smart Outdoor Lights

Smart outdoor lights offer soft-warm lighting and colored lighting. Similar to all other lights, they are also Bluetooth enabled and are a suitable option for the front lawn and the backyard.  In addition to these smart lights, Philip Hue also provides a bathroom-specific range called the Philip Hue Adore, which comes with innovative smart lights and the Adore white-lighted mirror. Along with these smart lights, Philip Hue also offers a wide range of smart accessories, including the Hue Bridge, smart buttons, smart plugs, dimmers, and much more. 

>>Get Your Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lights Here <<

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Setting Up Philip Hue Lights

Philip Hue lights come equipped with a Hue Bridge, which is the first thing you’ll have to set up. When setting up the Hue Bridge, you must plug it into the power socket and connect it to the internet. Then, open the Philip Hue app and add the new bridge. 

After installing the smart lights in your desired location, simply connect them to the bridge using the app. As opposed to using the bridge, you can also use Bluetooth to connect to the smart lights, limiting your control over them. 

Philip Hue Lights and Smart Assistants

In addition to using the Philip Hue App, you can also use Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Amazon Alexa to control the smart lights as well. Along with allowing you to control the smart lights with voice commands, you’ll be able to take extra security measures such as having the lights turn on if motion is detected as well. 

Final Thoughts

Philip Hue offers smart lighting options for every room in the house and for the front yard and backyard as well. They provide many options, including smart LED bulbs, lighting strips, smart accessories, and more. I’m a huge fan of Philips’ smart lighting technology. Not only is it a brand I trust, but the technology also integrates seamlessly with most smart home assistants. In addition to being set up and controlled from the app, the Philip Hue lights can be connected to various smart assistants allowing you to control them using voice commands as well. 

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