Home Security Light Bulb Camera Review

Home Security Light Bulb Camera Review

Are you looking for a way to keep an eye on your home while you’re away? Do you want a security camera that is easy to use and doesn’t require any installation? If so, a home security light bulb camera may be the perfect solution for you. 

I’ve been seeing these smart bulb cameras pop up on ads and in social feeds and really wanted to know what they were all about. Did some digging and reviewed a handful of these clever home security gadgets to really see if they are truly something anyone could utilize or add to their smart home setup. A smart bulb camera is an innovative approach to maintaining your security. Security cameras are common nowadays to maintain security at homes and offices. However, one of the easiest and most affordable security cameras you can find is one of these light bulb cameras. These cameras allow you to effortlessly put in a security camera fixed in a light bulb socket.

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If you are also thinking about purchasing one, then here is a light bulb camera review for you to make your choice easier. All of the smart bulb cameras we looked at require a Wi-Fi connection and you can use your smartphone to activate it. Depending on where you place these smart bulbs outside, you could also use them for outdoor security and put them in your office as well.

Features Of A Light Bulb Camera

Before moving forward to the light bulb camera reviews, let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a smart bulb camera:


It is probably the most significant factor to consider when purchasing a smart bulb camera. Imagine you see someone sneaking into the backyard of your home. If your light bulb camera’s resolution is not high enough, you might not be able to recognize who was trying to sneak into your home. A higher resolution also means your camera is able to pick up detections more accurately. So it is wise to choose a light bulb camera with 1080P resolution. If the smart light bulb doesn’t have it, I wouldn’t get it. With camera technology (especially for home security use) evolving like it has, I’m still shocked at products that don’t have 1080P resolution.

Motion Detection

When buying a smart bulb camera, you should keep in mind its range and angular coverage. As bulb cameras are round, they provide 360-degree angular movement, which is the standard angular coverage. Besides, you should choose a bulb camera with a motion detector that can sense movement up to at least 30 to 35 feet.

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Memory defines the storage capacity of your smart bulb camera. They come with their own memory and can support memory cards up to 128 GB. However, they do not come with their own memory cards, and you have to buy them separately. Is it annoying to have to buy additional memory? Yes. But this is unfortunately the standard we have to live with.

Night Vision

Keeping an eye on your place at night is somewhat hard. You hear a noise and peak out the windows…and if you’re like me can’t see anything. So a security camera with a night vision feature is crucial. Many smart bulb cameras in the market support the night vision feature. The ones we looked at below have some of the best night vision in this niche. If you can’t easily monitor your home or property at night with your device, you shouldn’t get it. 

Easy To Use

Some smart bulb cameras come with remote control and you can control some with an app on your smartphone. Being able to easily control the device is paramount. Ideally (and this goes with most home security devices), if it doesn’t have an app OR it doesn’t work with Google Assistant or Alexa…it’s a hard pass.

Light Bulb Camera Reviews

For this light bulb camera review, we looked at three Wi-Fi smart bulb cameras we’ve been hearing a lot about. 

Hulkvis 1080P Wireless Bulb Camera

This little gadget is perfect for keeping an eye on your home or office when you’re not around. Just screw it into a light socket and it’s good to go. You can even view footage from your phone or tablet! Out of the smart light bulb cameras we reviewed, this one was the easiest to install and get up and running. Some other features of note include:

  • Its top feature is the advanced night vision feature.
  • You can easily switch between infrared and white light night vision.
  • You can easily replace it without extra wiring.
  • It comes with 360-degree angular coverage and humanoid movement detection. So there is no risk of blind spots.
  • It contains its own cloud storage and supports up to 128 GB of memory cards.
  • You can playback videos any time and save your memories as well.
  • If you find any issue with your smart bulb camera, connect with their customer support. It is available 24/7.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know what a PTZ bulb camera is. But trust me, once you learn about this intuitive device, you might find yourself wanting one. Aside from being a security camera that looks like a regular light bulb, it easily screws into a standard light socket and can rotate 360 degrees to give you a complete view of the room or area. Plus, this one comes with an app that allows you to watch live footage or recordings from anywhere as long as you have a stable connection to the Internet. Some other notable features of the Wyzlink PTZ camera bulb:

  • 1080P resolution with advanced night vision. You can easily switch between normal and light night vision (this is a fantastic feature).
  • It is easy to install since it is wireless. Once you install the E27 light bulb, you can install the app on the smartphone and connect the smart bulb camera with Wi-Fi using the app.
  • Its two-way audio feature sets it apart from other smart bulb cameras. This is probably the biggest edge over the rest of the market. It has a built-in microphone and records audio as well.
  • It contains 360-degree angular coverage and robust motion detection. When it notices any moving object, you get notifications through your smartphone. Out of the smart camera light bulbs we looked at, the Wyzlink probably has the best motion detection. 

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XVIM Light Bulb Camera

I don’t think the XVIM is as good of a smart camera bulb as the previous products reviewed, BUT…there are several features of this bulb where I think XVIM can really grow and make a name for itself in this new emerging market. There are some features where the XVIM performs well which is why I wanted to include it with these other smart bulb camera reviews.

  • Like the others reviewed, it is wireless and simple to install. 
  • It comes with a 1080P resolution and an advanced night vision feature.
  • It provides you with synchronized video and a 360-degree far-reaching aerial view.
  • You can easily install it in an E27 bulb without extra wiring.
  • It can only be connected to the 2.4G router and does not support 5G Wi-Fi.  
  • You receive a notification when the camera notices any moving objects on your smartphone. 
  • It has a built-in microphone to provide two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with your family via a smartphone app. It’s not as clear and crisp as the Wyzlink’s two-way audio feature, but it is something we expect XVIM to improve on in the next iteration of this product.
  • You can easily control it via your smartphone.

Keillini Lightbulb Security Camera Review

One that I’ve recently seen make waves in the light bulb security camera market is the Keillini light bulb camera. Despite what the company says when it comes to a low price (low compared to home security options), this unit still runs slightly more than traditional light bulb security cameras. However, this compact security device does come loaded with features, which pack on the value to help justify a slightly higher price tag. And we’re not talking hundreds of dollars here either. Depending on which light bulb camera price you’re comparing it to, the Keillini is about $5-$10 more per unit. 

For the most part, the Keillini light bulb camera functions and operates just like any other light bulb camera. The app is super smooth with a seamless setup. A couple of things that separate Keillini from the rest of the market. One distinct feature that I think is super clever of this and puts Keillini in a different class is the blaring alarm. Literally, with a push of a button in the app, you can send a blaring alarm noise to scare animals or intruders. It’s a clever hack and a little addition worth mentioning. And…this is a light bulb security camera that actually lights! Most of these on the market don’t have lights. Major eye-roll, I know. It was one of the first things when I started looking at these that I was shocked that they didn’t have lights that actually worked. Other notable features include: 

  • 360-degree panoramic camera
  • Incredible night vision
  • Bright LED Light
  • No wires. No batteries
  • Connects to both Android and iOS devices
  • Impeccable 1080P HD resolution
  • Easy to install and easy-to-use app. 

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Smart Light Bulb Cameras: Simple + Easy Home Security

The smart bulb cameras mentioned above can be a fun gadget to add to your home security. It’s not a bad decision if you purchase one. The 360-degree coverage combined with 1080P resolution in each of these is excellent for security purposes. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable way to improve your home security, you might consider investing in a light bulb camera. Here are a few reasons why light bulb cameras are a great option for home security. First, light bulb cameras are relatively inexpensive (some of these are under $50) making them a great option for budget-conscious homeowners. Additionally, light bulb cameras are easy to install and can be used with most standard light sockets. Another hidden benefit of light bulb cameras is that they offer a wide field of view (360 degrees!), allowing you to monitor a large area with just one camera. Plus, light bulb cameras (at least the ones we reviewed) are often equipped with night vision capabilities, so you can keep an eye on your property even in low-light conditions. And light bulb cameras (well…any camera for that matter) can deter criminals and help you gather evidence if your home is broken into or your personal property is damaged. The sight of a camera may be enough to discourage would-be burglars and the recorded footage can be helpful in identifying suspects and catching them before they strike again.

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