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Parenting Your Gamer: Six Basic Principles

Parenting Your Gamer: Six Basic Principles on Managing Your Kid's Gaming Behavior Trying to parent your child’s gaming behavior can be really difficult. Trying to parent your child’s gaming behavior can be really difficult. We wanted to share six of our favorite...

Screen Time Setup For Families For Your iPhone or iPad

Show me a child with a phone/tablet and no limitation, and I’ll show you a child that struggles with some type of addictive behavior. But, come on, even us adults will struggle if we don’t understand our limitations. That being said, let’s talk about Apple’s Screen...

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What Parents Need To Know About Snapchat

Oh Snap, I guess It's time to talk about snap chat. Ask any of my kids and they'll tell you it's my favorite app - Not! Snapchat is an app that lets users send messages, pictures, and videos to each other. Recipients are able to view these messages for a set time...


5 Tips to Stop Your Email from Getting Hacked

Email. We love it, and we hate it. We love it because we can send a message to someone across the world within seconds. We hate it because 99% of the time, other people can read our emails too. An email has been one of the most successful communication tools in...

email hacking

5 Things All Kids Need to Know About Email

Truthfully, I thought email would be long retired before my grandkid's time.  But with so many kids homeschooled during the COVID Pandameic shut-down, email became necessary for kids of all ages, to stay connected to their teachers. So I have come up with 5 Things...

email for kids

How to Create a Child Account in Windows 10?

Today I am going to go over what is a Child Account on Windows and How to create a Child Account in Windows 10 There are many tools and resources parents have available to help monitor their kid's accounts. Did you know Windows 10 allows you to create a child...

child account windows 10

Educate, Engage, and PREPARE

Educate, Engage, and Prepare. Everywhere you look, you see kids glued to their devices. Whether it’s a cellphone, tablet, or even a laptop, they are mesmerized. And, yes even our own kids are just as guilty. Kids on devices have become the norm as gone are the days...

educate engage prepare

Talk About It, Talk About It, Talk About It

Funky Town – Anyone old enough to remember this fun upbeat song from the 80’s.  If not, google it and give it a good listen to.  Pay attention to the words ‘Talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about it, Talk about, Talk about… Are you talking about what...

talk about it internet safety

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