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Firewalla Red Review: Simple Firewall for Home & Business

There are numerous methods to strengthen the security of our home network and one of those ways is through a bit of nifty gadget called Firewalla Red. Once connected to your network, it offers us a ton of information on what happens in it: what mobile devices, laptops, smart gadgets, and others connected to the network do. If you’re a casual internet goer and want some basic protection for your network, Firewalla Red is great.

Firewalla Red is an all-in-one solution to the difficulties we face with network security with all the many devices. Firewalla Red does an optimal job at securing all of your digital stuff by connecting to your router. It can safeguard your family from cyber risks, prevent advertisements, regulate kids’ internet usage, and even protect you when you are out on public WiFi. We’re going to walk you through what we found with this small, yet effective firewall hardware.

Incredibly Easy Installation

The app can be easily installed on your mobile device. All you need is your WiFi router and a power source, the app on your mobile device, and a barcode scanner. To get started, simply scan the barcode on the box and connect to your WiFi. You can manage and monitor your device from anywhere on the globe, thanks to this functionality. Both iPhone and Android versions are available. 


100 Mbits is the limit for IPS functionality. Depending on your router, this gadget works well with most routers and not as well with others. For router compatibility, you can check out the website to make sure yours is on the list before getting the device. For configuration, depending on the router you may have to log in to the router to perform a handful of configurations. Overall, there should be many compatibility issues with Firewalla products. We’ve heard from users that they run into issues when using Firewalla with Google Mesh Wifi, but it took us maybe an extra 4-5 minutes of setup to overcome that small hurdle.  

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What About Firewalla Red’s Protection

It’s hard to imagine, you get this much protection in a small device. Your Firewalla Red home and wireless internet of things devices all are protected by its unique intrusion prevention system (IDS and IPS) against threats, including viruses, malware, hacking, phishing, cyberattacks, unwanted data theft when using public WiFi, and a slew of other protections.

Filtering Of Content and Blocking Functionality

You don’t have to unplug the power cord from the dusty old router anymore to get your kids to stop using your network. No more wondering what devices are accessing what content. You can check out what any device is doing on your network straight from your Smartphone. Want to block all access, or block off just gaming or social networks? Done with a click. As the primary account and keeper of the network, you can easily keep online activities on your network cyber-healthy and safe by enabling Family Protect, which screens out adult content and blocks malicious content. It’s a set it and forget it feature we love. 

Ability to Activate Protection

With Firewalla Red, you can get a deep knowledge of your network and cloud-based behavior with an analytics engine that identifies and blocks problems as they arise. As a result of continuous monitoring, you will have complete visibility into all IoT devices within your network and will be able to monitor comprehensive network flows, bandwidth analysis, and internet troubleshooting. Nothing is bulletproof in the world of cyber security, but we can have safe online surfing and free from hacking the internet with Firewalla Red.

Alert Messages, Configured Successfully

Once Firewalla Red is linked, you will receive the first alert messages, which indicates each of the devices it discovers connected to the network. These notifications are configured by default. Some people get annoyed with over notifications of apps and devices. I am one of those people who hate getting unnecessary notifications. But if those notifications are purposeful and lead to value, that’s all that matters. You can customize in the app AND on your smartphone device just how frequent and aggressive you want those notifications.

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Pros and Cons


  • Quad-Core computing power
  • Keeping your gadgets safe from cyber attacks and cyber threats
  • Advanced information for your network
  • Keeping confidential company information safe
  • Filtering content dynamically
  • Client-server VPN functionality is incorporated right into the operating system.
  • Services are free of charge every month. No monthly fees is fantastic!
  • 30-day return policy and a one-year warranty


  • Unless you have a router that is compatible with it, do not purchase it. Be sure to check first! One you’ll want to look at is that some routers (although not officially supported) can still be used, but it requires a geek in the home. Using DHCP Mode. I did when I ran my Blue with my Synology Router and was able to get it to work. But again…you’ll need a geek in the home. 
  • Creating a VPN server can be complicated for most people, but there is a vast Firewalla community to help if you are confused
  • 100 Mbps speeds may seem slow for internet super users. If this is an issue for you, upgrade your expectations with Firewalla Purple.
  • Alerts can be a nuisance until you learn how to fine-tune them to your preference.

So…Should You Get Firewalla Red?

Despite having a few cons, Firewalla Red is a fantastic product that we highly recommend! You can secure your home networks with this stylish, comfortable, and practical solution. Many folks will breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can have a simple home network security option like Firewalla Red. The Firewalla app allows you to share data, hide your IP address, and secure your network, all from the convenience of your mobile device (making it very accessible). Custom settings give you more control over the security of your home wireless networks while also providing you with greater transparency into the choices you’ve made.

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