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As virtual events take center stage, Dale Dumbs IT Down is your go-to for an unparalleled speaker, Dale Meredith. From captivating keynotes to insightful webinars, Dale deftly simplifies and demystifies the importance of IT security.


Beyond the Headlines: Deep Dive into the Costly World of Data Breaches

AI in Cybersecurity: Threats and Opportunities 

Be the Super Hero Your Company Needs: Safeguard Your Companies Assets

The Art of Self Hacking: Seeing Yourself from a Hackers Perspective 

Tackling Your Top IT Security Challenges (and Convincing Your C-Suite To Go Along!)


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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v11-12 Exam Guide
by Dale Meredith

“FINALLY! One resource to help me PASS my Exam”

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Latest Articles

How Microsoft’s Latest Update Exposes Your Private Data!

Hey folks, ever wondered how deep the rabbit hole goes when you click "I Agree" on Microsoft's service agreements? What Exactly is Microsoft Peeking At? Imagine someone going through your drawers, flipping through your diaries, and even scanning your daydreams!...

microsoft update exposes

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Understanding Ethical Hacking

Ever wonder what it takes to become an ethical hacker? In this episode, Dale Meredith author of the Pluralsight course Ethical Hacking: Understanding Ethical Hacking shares some key takes away from his course. Discover why Ethical Hacking is becoming a popular skill for security, what you need to know how to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, and much much more.

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Port Scanning with Nmap

Stealth scanning is a method of scanning a network or system while avoiding detection by firewalls or intrusion detection systems. It is an essential component of any penetration testing or vulnerability assessment since it allows security professionals to detect potential weaknesses that attackers could exploit.

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