The Top iPhone Security Settings You Need To Configure NOW

The Top iPhone Security Settings You Need To Configure NOW!

iPhones are incredibly powerful and versatile devices, but they can also be vulnerable to malicious attacks if the proper security measures aren’t taken. I’m floored at how many parents I know that buy their kids new phones and just hand them to their children with no caution or security measures put in place. Parents of iPhone users need to take the time to set up their kids’ phones properly in order to keep them safe from any potential threats because there are a LOT out there. 

And these easy iPhone security settings aren’t just for kids either. I also see adults get their new iPhones and just go at it with no proper security measures. Here are some of the most important security settings you should set up right away on your iPhone.

Disable Location Services

Location services allow apps and websites to track your location, which can be a huge privacy intrusion. You can prevent this by disabling location services for all apps on your iPhone. Go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services and toggle the switch off. You can also disable location services for specific apps or allow them only when using the app (in other words, not tracking you in the background). 

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This is important because many apps contain targeted ads that use geolocation data in order to show relevant content based on where you are located. I prefer to enable this on an app-by-app basis because I do want Maps to use my location, but only while I’m using it.  

Enable Mail Privacy Protection

This security feature is one of my favorites for the iPhone. Essentially, what mail privacy does is hide your IP address from senders. This makes it nearly impossible to track your activity and location from your device. So, why should you enable mail privacy protection on your iPhone? Well, it’s all about ensuring that the mail sent and received on your device stays secure! Having mail privacy protection enabled guarantees an extra layer of security for your sensitive mail, making sure only you have access to its contents. 

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Additionally, mail privacy protection can also help reduce spam mail since it filters out suspicious links and malicious content hiding within emails. All you need to do is go to Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection and enable Protect Mail Activity.

Enable Screen Time Restrictions

Screen Time is a great tool that allows parents to control how much time their children spend on their phones each day. I know adults that enable it for themselves as well to help keep them on task. You can limit certain apps and even block access completely after a certain amount of time has passed each day. 

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To enable Screen Time restrictions, go into Settings > Screen Time and follow the directions from there. It’s also important to make sure that your child doesn’t have access to any passwords or passcodes that would allow them to bypass these restrictions once enabled.

Turn Off Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions is an optional feature that allows Siri to suggest contacts and other information based on what it knows about you. While this feature can be helpful, it could also potentially reveal sensitive information about your device if someone were able to gain access to the phone without permission. To turn off Siri Suggestions, go into Settings > Siri & Search and toggle off the “Suggestions” switch at the top of the screen.

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Enable Find My App

One of the best security settings for the iPhone is the Find My feature. Find My for iPhones is the ultimate tool for your digital life: you know that everything important to you is kept safe and sound. With features like location tracking and lost device alerts, it’s basically like having a personal assistant in your back pocket. Find My for iPhones is a great security tool, making it easy to find your device or a family member’s if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Don’t Allow Apps To Track You

There are lots of great reasons not to allow apps to track you on your iPhone. It not only keeps your personal data much more secure, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that no app is snooping around in your life without your permission. Not only that, not allowing apps to track you means extra protection against ads popping up out of nowhere. 

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Some people like to be hit with personalized ads because they say it lends itself to a better user experience with their devices. But at what cost? Your personal data? Your privacy? Who needs that kind of intrusion? Bottom line, not allowing apps to track you is a must if you want to enjoy using your phone stress-free and get rid of any potential digital stalking attempts. Plus, who doesn’t love being in control?

Securing Your iPhone Is Really Easy

Keeping your iPhone as secure as possible doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Seriously, just a few simple steps will do wonders for protecting your digital privacy and ensuring your safety online with your devices. Be sure to disable location services, enable Screen Time restrictions, and turn off Siri Suggestions and all these other security features as soon as possible in order to help your iPhone stay secure! With these settings in place, you can rest assured knowing that your devices and personal data are protected from potential threats while still enjoying your device safely and responsibly.

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