Children Safety Apps

Children Safety Apps

Keeping each other safe just makes sense. We strive to keep our friends and family safe, especially our children. We’re always updating our articles and reviewing the newest and best electronics and gadgets to keep everyone safe. Dumbing information and technology down can and will save people. It’s our mission. We’re taking the steps to inform others, so no one has to learn the hard way. 

We’ve discussed safety apps, tracking apps, and travel gadgets to keep you safe. We’ve discussed Bluetooth trackers to find your things, kid’s watches to help find your kids, and ways to keep your devices and network safe. Now it’s time to discuss what Android and iOS apps are available to keep your children and teens safe.

Children Safety Apps

When it comes to your child’s safety, there’s almost nothing you and most parents wouldn’t do. If you believe your kid or teenager needs a cell phone, we’d like to suggest some of the best children’s safety apps on the market. 

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Child Safety App

Child Safety App is a child monitoring app parents designed for Android phones. Parents created this safety tracker app in collaboration with child psychologists, digital media experts, and law enforcement professionals. This app features an SOS call, allowing the user to immediately contact up to five emergency contacts when necessary and provide a GPS location. It also features real-time tracking and location logs, so parents can see where their child is or has been. The Child Safety App also features a high noise alert, so you can receive a notification if your child is more sensitive to noises. Other alerts include a high-danger, fall, and inactivity alerts. All of these will help keep your child safe while providing you peace of mind. The best features are not free, in fact, the free app only comes with the SOS, emergency contact, and emergency health info. features. If you’re interested in the other features, upgrade to PRO for $45.00 a year or $4.50 a month. 

The Find My Kids App

The Find My Kids App is available for Android and iOS phones, but can also be downloaded for kids’ watches. Some of the features are not available for iPhones though, so keep that in mind. Features included for both phones are the location tracking for current and recently visited locations. Parents can set a notification for when their child has arrived at school, work, home, extra-curricular activities, etc. This feature is convenient and will help keep your child safe. The Find My Kids app also has the SOS feature that will signal parents or guardians when the child is in danger. The app also starts recording any sound to help better track the child. The Android-only features include a listening button for when the child doesn’t answer phone calls or messages. It will then start listening to ensure the child is safe. The other Android-only feature is a screen monitoring feature that shows what the child was doing on the phone and how much screen time was spent. The Find My Kids App is a free app; however, the extra features are included when a monthly, yearly, or unlimited plan is purchased. Parents can purchase a monthly subscription for $2.99, yearly for $16.99, or unlimited with up to three devices for $42.99. If you’re interested in purchasing the Live Listening feature, you can do so by buying minutes at 30, 180, and unlimited varying prices for $1.00 up to $14.99. Once again, this feature is not for iPhones. 

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Life 360 

Life 360 is a safety and family tracking app that offers similar benefits as the previous apps but is also designed so every family member can use it, not just children. Life 360 was created after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and includes location tracking, digital safety and protection, emergency assistance, and driving safety. With Life 360, all plans include the same features, but as the cost increases, the features increase in their abilities. For example, location safety has a two-day limitation on the free plan but increases to 30 days on the gold plan for $14.99 a month and 30 days on the platinum plan for $24.99 a month. You can place alerts for your children and family members to make sure they’ve arrived at whatever location they are supposed to be including school, work, babysitters, library, etc. The location feature is accurate within 50 feet. Life 360 has plenty of safety features to keep your children and teenagers safe. 

As a parent, the biggest concern is if your child will notice you have a tracking app on their phone and if they will disable it. These three apps help open the communication channel for parents, as these apps are not just tracking and location-sharing apps. The designers created these apps to help keep kids safe with added features for check-ins, SOS, and more. The best way you as a parent can explain these apps to your children is to inform them as to why these are now necessary. It’s not a trust issue for you or your children, but more of a way to keep them safe from those predators around them. We’re always advocates of real communication between you and your family. The world has evolved and so has the ability to protect our children. We’ve discussed other apps for protecting kids from spamming, hacking, bad websites, and more. You can take a look at a few of those apps to keep your children safe.

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