Personal Safety Apps

Personal Safety Apps That Could Save Your Life

Nowadays, you can never be too safe or too prepared. We all know our world is much more different than it used to be and a bit scarier, too. Thanks to social media, we’ve seen a huge increase in scams and hackers trying out new ways to fool and scam people of all ages. As we’ve discussed before, predators are using the newest technology to follow their victims to work or their homes using Bluetooth Tracking Devices. Although social media may share some horror stories, it is also sharing ways to prevent predators and avoid their tricks. 

For example, TikTok has people sharing “what to do if you see this on your car” or “what to do if you feel like you’re being followed” etc. There are a ton of educational videos geared toward women, parents, and young adults about personal safety. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where women are more often assaulted, raped, kidnapped, and attacked. Here’s where social media and apps can actually be of use: Personal Safety Apps and Alerts. 

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Personal Safety Apps

Listen ladies, if you’ve ever needed to text your mom, sister, friend, or anyone else your location when you’ve gone out by yourself, then this is for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out with friends or even gone out to the grocery store, and if I don’t let my mother know I arrived safely, she’ll send the brigade out to find me. I’m definitely the type of friend that makes sure my friends get home safely, which I’m sure I got from my mother. To be honest, I learned about these personal safety apps from a friend. These apps are-game changers!

Watch Over Me 

Watch Over Me is a security app for both Android and iOS systems. Xin-Ci Chin created this app after she survived a kidnapping and rape attempt in 2012. She realized that although there were plenty of GPS apps, there wasn’t the right app that would alert the police or authorities. Watch Over Me is an app that you share your location with, when you want to be “watched over,” and when you’re safe. Those are the basics, but you can shake your phone when you need the authorities alerted. The original app is free, but you can get increased text message alerts, etc. for $4.99 a year. 


bSafe is a safety and security app featuring Voice Activation, Live Streaming, Automatic Recording, Fake Call, Timer Alarm, or the Follow Me function. Creator Charlen was raped and after, she and her father discussed ways they could have prevented the attack. They started the creation process for bSafe. To me, the coolest feature is the guardian feature which allows users to have a select list of people who the app will alert for their location or in an emergency situation. It looks like bSafe is still working with investors and partners.


Noonlight is another safety and security app that even works with other apps like Tinder to share details that are important in an emergency. This app uses a Safety Network similar to the bSafe guardians, where users can select a number of emergency contacts in the event they need help. Noonlight is available on both Android and iOS systems and offers a three-tier pricing system. Basic is a free service and includes the safety button, timeline feature, safety network, and advanced profile. Some of these features are limited depending on your phone system. Instant Access is $5.00 per month and only works with iOS platforms. It adds in a phone widget, Apple Watch app access, and syncs to Uber and Lyft apps. The Total Protection plan for iOS platforms is $10.00 per month and includes crash response, Alexa skill, Google Home Service, and you can sync IFTTT applets.


WanderSafe app is a free safety travel app available for both Android and iOS platforms. It includes a Jeni buddy, who is a digital safety companion, is available to listen when or if the user feels unsafe or safe. This app has a built-in silent SOS feature, that can be discreetly activated and let your emergency contact list and emergency responders know your location. The app also has a crisis mode that allows a voice activation SOS feature for when you may not have your phone in your hands, but it’s near you. WanderSafe is the first app to create a safety Beacon device which is a flashlight, strobe, silent, and loud alarm. It retails for $79.99. WanderSafe Shakti is a mini Beacon version that offers the same features in a more travel-friendly version. It retails for $39.99. 

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One Scream

One Scream is another safety app with a unique system as it’s a voice or scream-activated safety system. Just like many of the other apps, this is a woman-created app designed to keep us ladies safe. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms for $2.99 a month or $26.99 a year. It does have an Android-only feature of an open line when it hears the scream or panic phrase. Once activated, it sends an alert to your emergency contacts and first responders. 

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There are more apps available for personal safety and security, too. As always, be open with your children and loved ones about safety and security on apps, the internet, and traveling. If you’re interested in other nifty tech gadgets while traveling, take a look at our suggestions

As always, be aware of your surroundings. 

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