Social Media Layoffs

Social Media Layoffs: The Impact It Will Have On You And Your Digital Citizenship

In recent weeks, both Twitter and Facebook have made headlines for laying off a significant number of employees. An estimated 7500 employees were laid off at Twitter and it’s been reported that Meta (Facebook’s parent company) laid off more than 11,000. While these layoffs are undoubtedly having an impact on the companies themselves, they also raise important questions about what they could mean for the users of these social media platforms. Quite frankly, I’m shocked this isn’t one of the main takeaways from all of this. Let’s take a closer look at the potential implications of these layoffs.

Less Money for Innovation And Expansion

One of the most immediate impacts of these layoffs is that there will be less money available for innovation on Twitter and Facebook. This is because, when a company lays off employees, it is also losing its collective knowledge and expertise. In a lot of cases, these budgets get cut along with the workforce. For example, when Facebook laid off its team of Trending Topics curators, it lost a wealth of experience and knowledge about what topics are being talked about online. As a result, the company has been forced to rely more heavily on algorithms to surface Trending Topics, with mixed results.

In addition, with fewer employees working on a given project, there is less capacity for trial and error. This means that we can expect to see fewer new features being rolled out across all social media platforms in the coming months. So if you’re waiting for that new Facebook update or that new Twitter tool, you may have to wait a little longer than usual.

Fewer Customer Service Resources

Another potential impact of the social media layoffs is that there may be fewer customer service resources available to users. This is because, when companies lay off employees, they often do so in areas where they feel they can save the most money. And customer service is typically one of those areas. If you’ve noticed that it’s taking a bit longer to get a response from Twitter or Facebook when you report a problem, this is likely why.

An Increase In Social Media Scams

Hackers are opportunists (the good kind and bad). There are already numerous social media scams hitting every social media platform out there. I highly suspect that social media scams attacking Facebook and Twitter users will ramp up in the coming weeks.

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Lack Of Resources For Security

Yes, many of these layoffs have been those in roles of management (at least with Twitter). But we don’t know the entire scope of which departments and job titles were impacted. These companies are going to hesitate to release a detailed itemized sheet of what people and departments were affected the most. Regardless, your personal data being stored on any of these social media companies’ servers could be at risk. Heck…they’re always at risk when budgets are endless and companies do have all the resources. So what should you do?

Quick + Effective Ways To Protect Your Social Media Accounts

Enable 2FA Where Possible

Two-factor authentication (2FA), a sort of multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a security procedure that cross-verifies people using two separate types of identity. This type of added security feature will help you get that extra layer of protection in addition to putting in your password. In my opinion, if ANY platform, app, website, etc. will allow you to enable 2FA…YOU DO IT. The good news is both Facebook and Twitter have the option to enable two-factor authentication. Is it annoying to use at times? I’d be lying if I said “No.” But considering how much personal information and data these social media servers have on you…it would be very wise to enable 2FA.

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Change Your Passwords

You’d be surprised how some people never change their passwords. You’d be even more surprised by the number of people that have dumb passwords that can easily be hacked. I’ve detailed exactly how you can make your passwords strong and more secure.

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Get LastPass Password Manager

This one is especially useful for those who have multiple users who access social media accounts. One thing I despise about Facebook is how you have to have a personal account to run ads. I’ve seen some ad management accounts with half a dozen people tied to them. Each one of these is a potential entry point and cyber security risk. If you have ANY social media account (business branded or personal) where more than one person accesses it, I would get LastPass Password Manager right now to help with password management. We have an entire beginner’s guide to LastPass if you want to dive into the details.

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Social Media Layoffs Will Impact You

The layoffs at Twitter and Facebook are undoubtedly having an impact on the companies and their users. With fewer resources available for innovation and customer service, users can expect to see fewer new features and may have difficulty getting help when they need it. However, it’s important to remember that social media platforms are still incredibly popular and widely used despite these challenges. While the layoffs may be having an impact in the short term, it’s unlikely that they will have a significant long-term effect on either company’s bottom line.

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