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Simple and Smart Appliances For The Kitchen

Your kitchen isn’t complete until you have at least one of these smart kitchen appliances for your home! Learn what we’ve discovered when it comes to smart tech for the kitchen! Smart appliances are growing in popularity, which is a good thing if you haven’t made the move to smart tech. The market is beginning to move from early adopters to influencers which means the technology is only going to get better. According to recent reports, 19% of the U.S. owns at least one smart appliance. Each year, more and more new smart gadgets and appliances are being made available for the consumer. The smart appliance market is hitting that point where the benefit has superseded the price to the consumer.

Here at DaleDumbsITDown, we wanted to feature smart kitchen appliances for an array of reasons. Chief among them is how useful (practical) the smart appliance is, ease of use (do I have to read instructions for hours to figure it out?), how likely are they to enrich our lives, and does it make our lives easier…or is just another one of those kitchen appliances or smart gadgets that we only use a couple of times and then never use it again.

Five Smart Kitchen Appliances Your Kitchen Will Thank You For

There are so many smart kitchen appliances on the market right now. Admittedly, some of these look really fun. Some are “smart” and we don’t really know why. Does every appliance in the kitchen need to be smart? Possibly. Smart fridges and smart dishwashers make sense. But smart blenders? Debatable. We take a look at a handful of smart appliances and detail some of our favorite features and how they can impact your life in the kitchen.

Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer

If you haven’t experienced the pure joy that comes with using an air fryer, then stop what you’re doing right now and go buy one of these. Seriously. Stop reading and go buy one right now. Air-fried food is incredible. Air fryers really grew in popularity a few years back, but their place as a staple in the kitchen appliance arsenal cannot be understated. Food tastes better in an air fryer. Period. This one from Cosori is a smart air fryer. Now…before you roll your eyes, the smart, WiFi-enabled air fryer is definitely clever and practical. This one works with Alexa and Google Assistant and is nearly 6 quarts. It also cooks meals quicker than a regular oven and uses 85% less oil for cooking. Aside from being able to say, “Hey Google, preheat the air fryer”, the free-to-download app comes packed with nearly 200 original recipes on your phone. But here’s the cool part: you can actually choose the recipe and begin cooking that specific recipe all within the app. The only thing that would make this the perfect smart kitchen appliance is if it actually prepared the food and served it on a plate for you 😉

Smart Wifi Instant Pot

Smart Wifi Instant Pot

One of the most popular kitchen appliances over the last few years has been undoubtedly the instant pot. Now, there are some naysayers, but we believe most of those are driven by two types of people: those who have never tried cooking with the instant pot or those who have never tasted food from an instant pot. It only takes one time doing one meal with this amazing appliance to have you hooked for life. Enter Smart technology. When we first saw this, we were like “Really…Wifi-enabled instant pots? Cmon, man!” But after diving into the detail of what a smart instant pot can do, we’re kinda giddy about this smart kitchen appliance. For starters, this is the first multi-use programmable pressure cooker to hit the market. You simply download the app, find a recipe, follow the instructions, and you will have a very tasty meal. You don’t have to stir, watch, or take care of the meal while cooking either. Once you pair your mobile device to the Instant Pot App, you can completely control your cooker, check the progress of your meal, and…get notifications when it is ready! With this specific model, you’ll also get access to 1,000’s recipes that are Alexa enabled. The other added benefit to this is the Instant Pot community is MASSIVE. So yeah you’re going to get a TON of recipes from the app and the brand, but there are literally millions of recipes on the web for instant pots. On top of the really cool features of having a smart instant pot, here are some other incredible benefits: You get 8 kitchen appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker (makes the best jasmine rice in the world), yogurt maker, cake maker, saute pan, and food warmer. We’ve even eggs sous vide in one before. 13 smart programs which make cooking extremely easy and efficient. Multiple safety features so you don’t have to worry about cooking with a pressure cooker Massive 6-quart capacity makes it ideal for cooking for small and large parties Don’t let the smart technology of an instant pot scare you away from getting one of these. And don’t be fearful of cooking with a pressure cooker. The tech inside of these is so much more advanced than your parent’s old school pressure cooker that you probably thought was the next closest related thing to a time bomb. Check out this incredible smart kitchen appliance.

Meater+ Smart Meat Thermometer

Meater+ Smart Meat

Smart Meat Thermometer? Really? Yes! It would shock you how many people get food poisoning each year from undercooked meat. According to the CDC, about 1 million people get sick from just poultry alone every year. It is a problem and this Smart Meat Thermometer can prevent a lot of pain for a lot of people. Not only was this the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer, but it also touts itself as having dual temperature sensors which can measure the ambient and external temperature of your meat. And don’t worry about temperature maximums either: the sensor max can handle temperatures as high as 530 degrees! This model does come with an app and process that ensures perfectly cooked meat. Their guided cooking system literally gives you step-by-step cooking directions. That is just one thing we love about this smart kitchen appliance. It’s simple to use. Simple to set up. Alerts you when your food is finished. It will even estimate the cooking time as well. No more hanging around the kitchen waiting for food to get done! No more dry meat. No more over-cooked chicken. No more undercooked chicken either…YUCK!

Tovala Smart Oven

Tovala Smart Oven

The Tovala Gen 2 smart steam countertop oven is amazing. That’s all that can be said about this. It truly is smart technology. The features and benefits of this smart appliance are so clever and useful! You can tell the company and product development teams behind the scenes have put a lot of ingenuity, effort, and innovation into this product. Yes, you get five cooking modes with multiple functions (steam, broil, reheat, bake, etc). Yes, you get a ton of recipes that are really easy to follow. BUT…this smart oven goes multiple levels deeper with its smart tech. The Tovala smart oven scans and cooks the food you want. The app interface is kinda cool too. Aside from having an easy-to-follow UX, you can simply set the cook mode and time from the app and track everything. You’ll even get a notification when it’s finished. But for those who are extra busy in their lives (or just lazy or just not a good chef), you can subscribe to oven-ready meals. Yes…you can plan out your weekly menu, purchase Tovala meals, scan the meal, and literally do nothing and have an incredible tasting meal. Tovala is next-level convenience with cooking. We love this product because of the support you’ll get when trying to cook delicious meals. Not only do we like this smart oven because of its backstory (you should check it out…it’s cool), but it’ll simplify your life. Some appliances do get in the way and we only use them like once or twice a year and we often just loathe its existence (sorry juicers…you’re the worst at this). This is one of those smart kitchen products that can really make a difference for your home.

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba s9+

Robot vacuums are the best. Most people on average spend about half an hour a week vacuuming. Convert that to total time and it’s about 60-70 days of their life spent going back and forth and back and forth through all areas of their home. Can you see where we’re going with this? These clever smart home appliances have been around for a while, but we love that each new model gets better and more innovative. The latest from iRobot is the Roomba s9+ and this thing can clean. Not only does it clean, but it also has automatic dirt disposal which allows itself to self-empty for up to 60 days. It’s literally hands-off tech for a couple of months and when you do have a little bit of maintenance, it’s a simple process. Some of the other features and benefits we love are the effectiveness to which it cleans, its ability to clean across multiple surface types, and the coolest benefit is the smart tech. Say your neighbors are coming over in an hour and your entryway is dusty and has little specs of garbage (we’ve all been there), simply say “Roomba, clean the entryway.” One simple command via voice assistant is all you need. This latest version has even better Smart Mapping so your smart vacuum knows the difference between your kitchen, your living room, and under the kitchen table. The iRobot Roomba s9+ is the smartest and most efficient smart vacuum on the market. iRobot continues to pour a lot of time, research, and energy into its products. That’s another reason why we love this smart appliance for the kitchen. It’s worry-free, hands-free, time-saving, efficient at cleaning, is personalized for your home’s needs, does what it’s intended to do, has great customer service, and is kind of cool. Having one of these smart robot vacuums around the house has a future-esque feel to it. We highly recommend the iRobot was a smart kitchen appliance every home should have.

Understanding The Value Of Smart Appliances For Your Kitchen

Remember the purpose of a smart kitchen appliance: make your life easier. Most of these smart appliances cost more than their regular “dumb” counterparts. It’s not just the technology in these smart appliances for the kitchen which makes the cost go up, but the massive amount of increased value they offer for your lives. They are supposed to save you time so you can focus on other important things in your life

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