Synology RT2600AC Wifi Router Review

Synology RT2600AC Wifi Router Review

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for new pieces of technology to improve your home network. Recently, we had the chance to test out the Synology RT2600AC wifi router, and I was really impressed! Not only is this thing a workhorse when it comes to throughput and range, but it’s also packed with features that make it a great addition to any home network. The router market is snowballed with various options. There are many huge brands with excellent offerings, making it difficult for a newbie to choose the right one. Synology is one of the most popular companies for routers.

Synology RT2600AC Router Review – Everything You Should Know

As for a specific router, Synology RT2600AC is by far the most popular of the brand. Just on Amazon alone, this product has already yielded 3K+ reviews with an average of 4.4 out of 5 ratings. It truly is a poster child for Synology. And for good reason…

Synology RT2600AC Specs

  • Processor: Dual Core 1.7 GHz
  • Coverage Area: 3,000 square feet
  • Memory: 512 MB DDR3
  • Antenna: 4×4 MIMO Omni-Directional up to 2.53 Gbps wireless speeds
  • Hardware: 7 Engine
  • LAN Ports: 2
  • WAN Ports: 2
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Additional Ports: 1 SD Card Reader
  • Dimensions: 7x11x3 inches + 1.5 pounds
  • Switch And Button: WPS, USB/SD Eject, Reset, Wifi On/Off
  • WiFi Type: Dual Band
  • Maximum Device Connection: 100
  • Security WPS 2.0
  • Mobile Dongle Support: 3G and 4G

Let’s Talk About The Synology RT2600AC WiFi Router

Synology RT2600AC is the upgrade to its previous year’s release RT1900AC. As you may expect, it is a bit more pricey than the last but surely worth the cost. What this new version delivers on specs and performance more than triples the value compared to the previous version’s price. Many times, consumers will opt-in for the earlier versions because of price (they don’t see the increased value in newer versions). This is partly because they may not understand all the new tech involved with newer versions. And in some cases, opting in for older versions is cost-effective. But with the Synology RT2600AC router, you’ll be glad you spend a little more coin for a better product (a much better product). The router can support a quad-stream with 1733 megabits per second on the 5GHz band. The other band, 2.4GHz, can support 800Mbps. And that’s not even the best part. Are you sitting down? This Wifi router comes with an operating system, Synology Router Management (SRM). That’s pretty cool and I personally believe it lends itself to a better user experience. But I’m geeky like that. While most other routers rely on websites for management, the OS makes Synology RT2600 a standout. 

Synology Router Review

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As for user experience and ease of use, the Synology RT2600AC is easy to use (for novice users as well), even more, if you have experience using Windows or macOS. You can use it for search, get notifications, transition, open multiple windows, and more! Plus, the router keeps things very organized. This way, you can easily keep track of everything without a lot of hassle. The most impressive feature about the router is its Package Center. It enables users to add more features to the device, such as VPN server, Download station, Intrusion Prevention, etc. Synology currently offers eight free applications to support packages. The router is equipped with 512 MB of memory, which might seem a little inconvenient for many. But, it also comes with a solution. You can insert an external hard drive or SD card to add more storage. More memory in your router allows you to install more packages. That’s more of an advanced feature, but it will only take you about 20-30 minutes to research those extra packages to determine if that’s something you want or need. 

Some of those additional packages include:

  • VPN Plus Server: turn your router into a powerful VPN server
  • Download Station: easily download files from the internet through BT, FTP, HTTP, and more.
  • Media Server: Easily stream files located on SD cards or attached storage
  • DNS Server: host multiple zones and provide name and IP address services
  • RADIUS Server: provides centralized authentication, authorization, and account management
  • Threat Prevention: protects your network from threats and malicious activities
  • Cloud Station Server: sync data from multiple platforms
Synology Router Features

It is also important to talk a little bit about security protocols in this Synology RT2600AC review. And, the router exceeds its older brothers and most other routers with strong parental controls. It features web filtering, HTTPS Sites blockage, and Ads reduction. On top of all, Synology RT2600 also features Traffic Control, which allows you to monitor your internet bandwidth with detailed reports and activity analysis.

Parental Controls and Content Filtering At The Router Level?

Yes! This is becoming a very popular and effective way of implementing parental controls. In this regard, Synology makes it easy. With their powerful traffic monitoring tools, you can easily set up bandwidth prioritization so your gaming console or smart TV always gets enough speed and never stutter or lag. Plus, you can keep kids away from harmful websites with just a few clicks by using custom profiles for different members of the family! Like most parental control features it includes the ability to assign devices to profiles (Gabe has one with his tablet, desktop, and phone linked to it). You can control the times those profiles have access to the internet, and set content filters for each profile based on their ages. Before I discovered the Firewalla, this was my go-to parental control system for the DDID Home.

Parental Controls Synology

Support? Other vendors should follow these folks.

Synology support is the best in the business for a number of reasons. First, Synology offers a wide range of products that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of users, so their support team is well-versed in all kinds of users. From entry-level to enterprise-level, Synology has a product and a support team member there for you to fit your needs. Synology offers a high level of customer support and their team of experts is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues you may have. The support via chat is second to none. I’ve personally resolved most issues in 15 minutes or less. If it takes longer (or is more complicated to handle over the phone or chat), there’s an option to allow them to remotely resolve the issue. And that remote access is an encrypted connection and the security for this is crazy cool. When it comes to tech support…compared to every device or service I’ve engaged with, Synology is the best I’ve ever experienced. 

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Synology RT2600AC Pros and Cons

This wifi router is packed with features and can deliver great performance. Small, medium, or large home? Doesn’t matter. This is a great device all around. But is it the right router for you? Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the RT2600AC to help you make an informed decision.


  • MU-MIMO Data Streaming
  • Package Center makes various tasks pretty easy; allows for some sweet add-ons for protection as well
  • Great performance with 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • Several management and monitoring tools
  • Powerful WiFi range
  • Setup, Management, and Connectivity are seamless and easy to understand
  • Simple yet Professional level controls for those wanting it
  • Comprehensive VPN server
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Regularly updated (a must-have option for Wifi routers)
  • No monthly fees!


  • Some would prefer that there should be support for combining LAN ports into a single connection. This is picky, but something some have said they wish it had (I don’t think it’s too much of an issue, but wanted to mention it). 
  • Compared to premium VPN services, it’s not as good (again…compared with premium VPN services).
  • Lackluster options for VLAN (but this is again being picky and only advanced users would understand).

The Final Verdict For Synology RT2600AC?

Do you really need the Synology AC2600RT wifi router? Again, I’ll just say this was the device I use personally for my home network. When it comes to routers, there are a lot of options on the market. A lot of easy to operate, but lacking in other features. There are also a lot of complex and advanced routers that the everyday person would have no clue how to operate. But what about this one? Do you really need the Synology AC2600RT wifi router? Let’s recap briefly some of the features of this router to see if it’s worth the investment. The Synology AC2600RT router has incredible Gbps speeds, supports MU-MIMO technology for efficient data streaming, has efficient parental controls, and includes content filtering. It allows you to extend its functionality and offers stellar security protocols. This Wifi router also comes with four external antennas for stable signal performance. In addition, the router includes a built-in VPN server and firewall for security.  And it’s easy to set up and use, even for beginners. To combine all of that into one device, this router is very powerful and offers ease to users. That’s a tough ratio to peg in today’s tech world. If you want to upgrade your old Synology routers or even upgrade from another brand, RT2600AC is one of the best options for you.

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