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Best Alexa Enabled Devices: How Do You Choose?

By Staff
These days, Alexa can be found just about everywhere. This all-knowing voice assistant is being embedded into our smart speakers,…
Alexa Enable Devices

These days, Alexa can be found just about everywhere. This all-knowing voice assistant is being embedded into our smart speakers, thermostats, streaming gadgets, and kitchen appliances in surprising and novel ways. Each successive version of Alexa brings additional features and choices for involvement. We wanted to take a look at some of the top Alexa-enabled speakers, displays, lights, plugs, and thermostats. Smart locks and cameras are also included. I often get asked which Alexa-enabled devices are the best, so I wanted to teach you how to get started with an Alexa-enabled home and make your life a little bit simpler.

Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Best Alexa Compatible Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are excellent for enabling remote control of previously unconnected items. Any lamp or coffee maker with an out-of-reach or broken switch may be turned on or off by a connected plug. The same goes for your coffee machine. You don’t have to get out of your chair to switch on your reading light thanks to Alexa compatibility.

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I love the Belkin Wemo Mini smart plugs per outlet thin design. Using the app’s scheduler and If This Then That functionality, you may extend its functionality even further. There are a lot of cool things you can do with a smart plug. We highly recommend getting a few of these to start so you get comfortable with the technology and its functionality. If you opt-in for an energy monitoring plug from Belkin, it will display you how much power your space heater (or any other appliance) is consuming, which is a really cool feature.

Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug – $29.99 – LINK

Wemo Insight Smart Plug – $43.93 – LINK

Alro Pro 4 Security Cameras

Best Alexa Compatible Security Cameras

There is no lack of security cameras that allow you to perform your own monitoring of your property, which is a major reason why people are starting to purchase smart gadgets for their homes. With the new Echo Shows, you can now see live feeds from your home’s security cameras. Home security has never been easier to operate and easier to afford than now. 

In addition to 30 days of cloud recording, night vision, weatherproof choices, and wireless installation, the Arlo Pro 4 camera provides excellent security. In addition, the video feed is shown on the screen since Arlo is one of the brands that work really well with the Amazon devices mentioned above.

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This is also possible with a few of our other top-rated security cameras. The Zmodo outdoor security camera bundle is an excellent choice for more professional purposes, while the Blink Mini is an excellent interior alternative with two-way audio.

Arlo Pro 4 Cameras – $449.99 – LINK

Zmodo Outdoor Security Cameras – $139.99 – LINK

Blink Mini Indoor Security Camera – $34.99 – LINK

August Smart Lock

Best Alexa Compatible Smart Locks

Smart locks are great for things like allowing your dog walker in while you’re not home, seeing who’s at the door when you’re away, and just having a general feel on who is coming into your home, but they’re also a source of concern for some people. Renters with landlords who want access to their apartments, maybe you’re on vacation for a while and need to let a neighbor in to feed pets…there’s a bevy of more serious (and smart) reasons for having a smart lock. One of our favorites to consider is the August Smart Lock (winner of multiple awards), which works with your current lock and pairs nicely with Alexa. They claim it can be installed in minutes, but I wouldn’t rush this (it’s home security by the way). Another one to consider is the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt for a more classic smart lock look, which works really well with Alexa.

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By connecting to Alexa, you’ll be able to use voice commands to check the lock’s status, lock it, or unlock it. An audibly spoken pin is required in order to open her door, so it’s definitely not the best idea to yell at your speaker from outside. Prior to having a smart lock, I didn’t think it was necessary since I already had a Ring system, but some of the features both of these smart locks provide have really beefed up the security and just the general feel-good safety feelings for our home. We know if a door is left open, we know if a door is closed. If it’s locked or unlocked. And to have that notification and alert is super awesome.

August WiFi Smart Lock – $198.99 – LINK

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt – $270 – LINK

Alexa Echo

Why It’s Smart To Get An Alexa Echo Device With These Smart Devices

All of the devices listed above can be operated through the Alexa app. But we highly recommend getting an Amazon Echo device to really unlock these Alexa-enabled smart devices. They’re all fantastic products as well. The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is our favorite Alexa speaker out of the bunch. Aside from making the Echo Dot’s sound richer, its spherical design also makes the screen simpler to see than the previous model’s. The Echo Dot with Clock’s display can do more than simply tell the time, it can also display the current temperature and serve as a timer. 

Aside from just an all-around great Alexa speaker, there are two other Amazon Echo-themed products you’re home will benefit from. If you are getting one of the home security cameras listed above, I highly recommend the Amazon Echo Show. The product on its own is phenomenal, but it will enhance your home security experience. You can immediately drop in on movements around your property in seconds with one of these. And the other is the simple yet effective Amazon Echo Dot. We have a handful of these scattered throughout our home and they pair really well with the Alexa-enabled tech we highlighted throughout this article. 

Amazon Echo Dot With Clock – $44.99 – LINK

Amazon Echo Show 8 – $99.99 – LINK

Amazon Echo Dot – $29.99 – LINK

The Case For Smart Devices For Your Home

If you haven’t already embraced smart devices in your home, you’re really missing out. A smart device whether it be a speaker, plug, smart lock, Ring camera, or whatever is a must-have for any modern home. Besides just being cool and fun, smart devices make your life easier. With a smart device, you can control your lights, heating, and even your security system with just a few taps on your phone. No more fumbling around for switches in the dark or having to remember to set the alarm before you go to bed. You can automate a lot of your life, save time, and just make life a little bit easier. Smart devices can also help you save money. By being able to control your energy use with a smart device, you can make sure that you’re not wasting any electricity. That means lower bills for you and less impact on the environment. 

There are oodles and oodles of reasons why you need to begin incorporating smart devices in your home. Here’s the best part: you can start small. You don’t have to break the bank and go all-in with a smart home. There are some people I know that spent around $3K for a robust smart home and love it. I know some that spent about $1K for smart home technology and hate it. My advice: if you’re unsure, start small. Don’t invest heavily until you feel comfortable with how everything works. Start with smart plugs, work your way up to an Amazon Alexa Echo, then maybe get a Ring camera. There’s no pressure to get everything all at once. But…I highly recommend you start now and truly unlock some cool tech for your home.