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What does your Google Assistant Know about you?

Check it out! Take a look at all the info your Google Assistant knows about you. Open your GOOGLE HOME app. Tap the settings gear in the lower right corner. Under the GOOGLE ASSISTANT heading, tap MORE SETTINGS. Select YOU from the menu bar at the top. Tap YOUR DATA IN THE ASSISTANT.

Enjoy the read, as you review all the pieces of information Google Assistant know about you and what information it has keeping about you. Don’t worry- you can take it all back!

You can delete items one at a time by tapping the trash can icon beside each item. Or while you’re at it- take it ALL back. When you tap YOUR DATA IN THE ASSISTANT, find MY ACTIVITY listed under YOUR ASSISTANT ACTIVITY. To the right of the search bar at the top of the page, tap the icon of THREE STACKED DOTS. Tap DELETE ACTIVITY BY > ALL-TIME then tap the DELETE to confirm.

There you go! You took it all back, well for now anyway. Who knows what the future will uncover. As always – stay safe by keeping your data and personal information secure, ‘well, as secure as you can’.

If you don’t use Google Assistant I also have a blog post where I show you how to delete your voice recordings from Amazon Alexa HERE

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