Best Password Managers 2022

Best Password Managers To Use In 2022

Are you looking for secure and safe ways to manage your passwords? Do you get tired of sticky notes and want peace of mind? Sick of storing all of your sensitive and important passwords and logins in a spreadsheet or Google sheet? We took some time to review some of the best password managers that you can use to safeguard your passwords.

Memorizing every password can be complex, and it is also not a good thing to use the same password for everything. You should take it easy when it comes to online privacy. Whether you are an employee working remotely or acting personally, it is vital to make sure that your online presence is safe and secure from poking eyes. 

Unless you want to have a hard copy of all of your passwords and notes on your mobile that can be compromised, you might need to consider a password manager. It can help safeguard your login credentials and identity for any online account. 

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is an encrypted digital vault that helps store the passwords login details you use to access different accounts and apps on your mobile. Password managers enable secure your sensitive data, credentials, and identity from online theft. 

Additionally, it has a password generator that creates unique and strong passwords and makes sure that your password does not match your other passwords. A password generator is a helpful feature of a password manager when it comes to creating a unique password for any online account. 

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The Features You Need In A Password Manager

A password manager not only provides security to your login data but also helps in solid password suggestions through a password generator. With all the security breaches, increased cyberattacks, and online theft, it is crucial to have a unique password for your online apps and accounts. 

Additionally, with a manager, you don’t need to memorize the various pieces of information, such as credit card information and shipping addresses. You can set one master password or in some cases fingerprint or PIN to autofill your password field and form. 

Best Password Managers Today

The list of best password managers keeps on updating every year. They are gaining in popularity and use so more and more password managers enter the market. Due to much competition in this field, users can get some high-quality options for choosing their password managers. For this review, we honed in on three of the top password managers which have been selected to give you a better version of password security.

  • Bitwarden: Best Free Version
  • LastPass: Best Paid Version
  • 1Password: Best Version for Multiple Platforms


Bitwarden is the top password manager for 2022 due to its open-source roots and its unlimited, unbeatable, and free version. Don’t confuse the word “free” in this case as cheap or inadequate either. This free version can help in generating, storing, and automatically filling all of your password details across all the known devices and websites. 

Some of the crucial features of this software are as follows

  • Secure, open-source, and transparent
  • Free version that can be used across multiple devices
  • Premium subscriptions start just at $10 per year
  • Works with: macOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, Brave, Tor, and Vivaldi

Its free version has only limited features but its premium version is feature-rich. Just like its competitor, Bitwarden allows its users to share memberships, passwords, and other items in premium subscriptions.  

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LastPass is also one of the top password managers that you can use to secure your personal details on the internet. It’s my personal “daily driver”. Its free version allows you to store passwords, sync all credentials and login information, and use them across multiple devices and internet browsers. .

While you can choose a free version of Lastpass to use on desktop and mobile devices, recent updates have confined the role of the free version. It also has the following features:

  • Offers free and paid versions
  • Paid version price starts at $36 per year
  • Works with: iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Linus, MacOS
  • Browser extensions for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, and Edge

Upgrading to the Paid version (starting as low as $3/month or $4/month for a family plan…yes if you kids are on devices, they need to protect their passwords) is going to unlock some really cool features. You’ll get a security dashboard, priority tech support, group and the ability to share your passwords with others (no they can’t see your password, LastPass just fills in your password for them), and encrypted storage. You can also store passport info, serial numbers, bank info, credit card info and even just notes you want to keep private.

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1Password is also one of the top and unique password managers that allow you to access it on multiple devices. If you are looking for a trusted and strong password manager app that keeps your personal information secure and safe, then 1Password is the ultimate solution for your online problems. 

The major features of this password manager are as follows:

  • It does not offer a free version
  • Only offers 14 days trial, then you have to buy the premium version
  • You can buy the premium version for $36 per year
  • Works with: Linux, Windows, Chrome, iPhone, Android, iPad, macOS
  • Browser extensions for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, and Edge
  • The best password sharing options of any password manager we looked at
  • Has extensive (and free) online security resources for any level of learner
  • Features both password manager options for families and businesses

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Do You Really Need a Password Manager?

If you’ve ever struggled to remember a password, you may have considered using a password manager. But let’s recap exactly what a password manager is and really hone in on if you really need one. A password manager is a piece of software that helps you generate and store strong passwords for all your online accounts. That way, instead of trying to remember dozens of different passwords, you only need to remember one master password (and please don’t use “password123” as your password!). And if that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. Most password managers can automatically fill in your passwords for you.

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Those we’ve reviewed here are work phenomenally on desktop, tablet, and mobile. So do you need a password manager? That depends on how many online accounts you have and how concerned you are about security. If you only have a few accounts, and you’re not worried about anyone hacking your info…then maybe pass on one (no pun intended). However, if you have a ton of accounts across multiple platforms, software, services, devices, etc…you may want to consider taking the plunge and checking it out. At the very least, opting in for a free trial is worth your time and energy. I did an audit on my account, and I have over 300 passwords (accounts, apps, websites..they add up fast) and I don’t know what any of them are! I don’t have to! A password manager tracks, changes and fills in the random password that it’s tracking when I need it!

Final Thoughts On Password Managers

An extensive and highly effective password manager is one of the best solutions to protect you against online-based theft and security breaches. A quality password manager allows you to store, secure, and safeguard your login information, personal details, and important credentials. Multiple password managers are available today. When it comes to choosing the best password version for you, keep in mind your personal preferences and what you think a password manager should do for you. If you’re looking for something simple and effective, Bitwarden is your best bet. If you’re looking for one of the best premium password managers with all the bells and whistles (think business, multiple device and platform sharing, etc), you’ll want to target something like Lastpass.

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