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Anker 521 Portable Power Station Review

Getting outside and enjoying some much-needed sun (or just nature for that matter) is a joy no matter where you are. Similarly, power outages during winter storms, wildfires, or summer heat waves are unpredictable. Our lives revolve around electrical equipment,...

Anker 521 Portable Power Station

Toddlers and Tablets

With the ever-growing use of technology, it’s hard to ignore how many parents are resorting to electronics to help occupy their children, particularly toddlers. You see toddlers and tablets everywhere, and you’ll see them especially when families are traveling....

Toddlers and Tablets

The Best iCloud Storage Alternatives

iCloud is considered the oldest and the most credible storage service for Apple devices. It’s estimated that about 170 million users pay for one of the premium iCloud packages. Being so popular, Apple users who hesitate to research new means choose this to host,...

The Best iCloud Storage Alternatives

Best Power Banks For Smartphones

Do you ever find yourself with a dead phone and no way to charge it? Then you might need a power bank! A power bank is a device that can charge your phone (and other devices) when you're on the go. If your smartphone is running out of charge and it’s a problem you...

Best Power Banks For Smartphones

Tips For Maximizing Smartphone’s Battery

Your phone battery is far more powerful than it was a decade ago, yet we are unintentionally spending more time gazing at our cellphones than ever before, which is why our battery troubles haven't vanished. In fact, battery life is one of the top three biggest...

Tips For Maximizing Smartphone's Battery

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