The Best iCloud Storage Alternatives

The Best iCloud Storage Alternatives

iCloud is considered the oldest and the most credible storage service for Apple devices. It’s estimated that about 170 million users pay for one of the premium iCloud packages. Being so popular, Apple users who hesitate to research new means choose this to host, store, and backup their data. The truth is that other iCloud storage alternatives can do even better than iCloud. Now, I’m not saying don’t use iCloud storage. But what I am saying is there are better iCloud storage alternatives out there that provide more value to you not only as an Apple device user but in other smart-tech areas as well. 

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Quality iCloud Storage Alternatives

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on iCloud to store your photos, music, and other files. But what do you do if you run out of space in their free version? Currently, users are allotted 5GB at no cost. But with the rising memory usage that apps and photos use, 5GB is nothing. Let us find the best iCloud storage alternatives below:


pCloud makes an excellent alternative for iCloud storage. Coming with TLS/SSL Encryption, this storage service is as secure and safe as iCloud. You can create an account on this platform for free and enjoy 10GB of free storage space. Remember that iCloud only gets you 5GB for free. This easy-to-use storage service requires no prior knowledge/experience on the part of users to get started.

pCloud has three servers to store your data in three places for absolute security. Compatible with iOS and macOS, it is accessible from iPhone as well as iPad. You can create Public Folders, share folders with friends and colleagues, and send file requests!

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Google Drive

Google is that name of the digital world that needs no introduction, nor does it ever disappoint in its products and services. Another benefit of using Google products is trust, especially when it comes to data. One of the best products by this great company (in my opinion 2nd only to Google Search) is Google Drive which leads the cloud storage industry. Choosing this platform as your storage solution will enjoy serious AI search technology and one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the industry. Google Drive is the category king in cloud storage.

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It allows you to host files without a speck of security risk. Other than hosting, you can edit and share files with your family or colleagues in a secure manner. Its ability to integrate with other Google products such as Google Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms will make it super convenient for you to work and store the worked files. Users will get 15GB of storage for free until they have to pay. 

>>Get Google Drive Storage Now<< is a cloud data storage service that can be used for all Apple devices and offers a wide range of features and functionalities. This end-to-end encrypted storage platform has full support for Microsoft Office. After creating a free account, the first thing you will like about it is the 5GB of free storage space.

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Having an account on, you can conduct unlimited date transfers even to those with no Sync account. The privacy of your files is maintained throughout while being transferred to the desired person. Furthermore, you can set passwords to your files/folders for strict security.

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Icedrive is an up-and-coming iCloud storage alternatives solution. Icedrive will allow you to save, access, share, and transfer without worrying about security issues. Its unlimited features include Twofish encryption, 10GB of free storage, cache control, and many others.

All such features make it a high-quality storage solution, but it is exceptional. The Drive Mounting feature of this solution makes it possible for users to access the account even from the Desktop. This creates an experience that users can easily enjoy with Icedrive. Save, delete, edit, share, and access files without facing any friction.

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The Case For Using An iCloud Storage Alternative

There are plenty of reasons to use an iCloud storage alternative. Perhaps you’re tired of paying for iCloud storage, or maybe you’re just looking for more flexibility and control over your data. Or maybe you’re sick and tired of having no storage space on your Apple device and are really annoyed with those iCloud storage warnings? Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of great iCloud storage alternatives out there (not just the ones outlined above). Granted, iCloud storage has been serving Apple users for decades now. It is easy to use. It is reliable. There is cross-device access (use the same account for iPad, iPhone, etc.). For the most part, it is safe. 

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But now, there are some intuitive, more user-friendly, smart, and quite frankly better alternatives out there. Most people use some type of cloud storage, so it makes sense to use a service whose main objective is storage (it’s okay Apple, we get it…you’re great phone makers, but can we leave the storage to the pros?). Cloud services like pCloud,, Icedrive, and Google Drive offer the features that iCloud does and more. 

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