hacking scams are showing up stronger

Hacking Scams Are Showing up Stronger and More Creative Than Ever Before!

Remember the ‘OLD SCHOOL’ scams where you’d get an email from someone (usually based in Nigeria) who’s made a fortune in the billions and who wants to bring the money into your bank account for some unknown reason? Well, there aren’t too many Nigerian scams these days, but the new version of this shows up with a phone call from someone pretending to be from Microsoft or some other well-known organization, who insists they are monitoring a virus or other dangerous malware that’s currently residing on your device.

They might ask you to visit a webpage and download a piece of software that will allow them to access your computer remotely.

If you let them get that far, they will run a script that shows a wealth of useless information on the screen, do you think they are helping. But in reality, they are running keylogging and hacking software in the background. Some are bold enough to ask you to log into your bank when you are linked with them, ‘Just, to make sure that everything works”.

Be smart and wary, and stay away from random calls offering to help you.  Microsoft does not call you out of the goodness of their heart.  This is a common scam – Be aware!  Be Smart!

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