Baby Monitor Safety Wifi

Baby Monitor Safety: Wifi Edition

If you’re pretty set on using your phone and an app to view your baby then there are a few things you should know. Parents need to understand the risks associated with using the internet for their monitor’s connection. Establishing a safe and secure home network is important when using wifi and home internet. We’ve discussed home network questions every 

parent should know, simple firewall reviews, and pros and cons of a VPN.  Unfortunately, there are intelligent people who choose to use their brains for poor decisions like scamming others and hacking devices like baby monitors. Using your best judgment and being prepared can save you a lot of grief and loss. 

DISCOVER: Utah Influencer Warns of Wifi Baby Monitor Hack

Wifi Baby Monitors


Owlet is a baby sleep monitor sock, camera, and phone app system which allows parents to not only see and hear their little one but to also check basic vitals like oxygen and heart rate. The Dream Sock and camera tracks quality sleep indicators for your little one, so you can rest easier each night. The Owlet system tracks awake and asleep times, heart rate, oxygen levels, movement, room temperature, humidity, and more. It’s one of the most in-depth baby monitor systems to date. This in-depth system alerts parents when the sleep indicators change and when their baby starts to wake. This alert goes off via the wifi app on Android and iOS systems. Owlet Dream Duo 2 retails for $399.99. It comes with free access to the online app, so you can use your cell phone provider or wifi to access your baby’s vitals and camera anytime, anywhere. The original Owlet Dream Sock combo retails for $299.99 and only has the sock and app access. Their website shows almost 150 reviews with an average of 4.2 stars. Most parents who reviewed the Owlet products say they couldn’t imagine newborn life without this baby monitor system. 


Nanit offers many options for baby monitors, sleep and breathing trackers, plus accessories for their products and baby. To be honest, looking at their site overwhelmed me. They have so many options for parents, including smart sheets. Parents can use their Nanit camera, app, and smart sheets to track their baby’s height and share the information with others. Nanit also offers a breathing tracker swaddle and band system linked to the app along with its camera system. The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor bundle retails at $509 but is on sale for $380. The basic Nanit Pro Camera Flex Stand retails at $199. Once again, all these run on cell phone data and wifi links. Nanit offers parents a sigh of relief with its breathing bands and smart sheets. Pretty neat technology, as long as your connection is secure. Otherwise, it’s pretty scary and creepy if someone hacked into your Nanit system and knew all that extra information about your child, right? 

Safety 1st

Safety 1st is one of the top baby safety brands that almost every soon-to-be parent recognizes. Between newborn baby first aid kits to baby gates to baby nail clippers, Safety 1st is a parent’s well-favored and trusted brand. There are three different versions of baby monitor wifi systems from Safety 1st. You can shop on their website, on Amazon, or other retailers. Their largest bundle called Full Connected Suite retails for $294.95 and includes the wifi monitor, a smart soother, a smart humidifier, an under-crib smart light, and a plug adapter. The Connected Suite Illuminate Trio retails for $194.97 and comes with the wifi baby monitor, smart humidifier, and the under-crib smart light. Finally, Safety 1st offers a basic wifi baby monitor for $70. Each set provides safety and security for parents via wifi and an app. The app lets parents share and connect with other caretakers. You can even add it to your home system and listen via Alexa Echo Show or Google Home Hub. If you need a friendly reminder on choosing the Best Alexa Devices, check out our thoughts

As we’ve discussed, the safety and security of your home and home network are everything. Not only are you protecting yourself and your data from hackers, but as a parent, you are protecting your little one now, too. 

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